Bug in Insert|Image from File duplicates images

I was trying to insert several images onto a page. My images are named 1 dice.jpg, 2 dice.jpg, 3 dice.jpg, etc. When I inserted the images, they were too big. I had a difficult time trying to resize them, checking all the menus for that option, but anyway. I finally found the resize by right clicking on the image and selecting “edit image”.

At some point the new image I inserted takes over and changes all the other inserted images to the recently inserted image.

I would love to be able to insert more than one picture on the same page, so I think this is a bug.


Which version of Scrivener for Windows do you have? This sounds like a now-fixed bug in an earlier version.

The current version is 1.2.5, which you can download here:
scrivener.s3.amazonaws.com/Scriv … taller.exe

(Note that an earlier version also had a bug in the automatic update functionality, so please check the version number yourself. Don’t rely on the software’s claim that you are up to date.)