Bug in Inspector Metadata panel?

I’m walking through the tutorial as a new user, from scratch and step by deliberate step.

First comment: The tutorial is (so far) really good as a teaching tool. Very much improved over the version I worked through a year or so ago.

Same with the program. Wonderful features. It’s a delight to discover them.

Now the bug:

In the Inspector Metadata tab, Custom Metadata is collapsed (as intended) and Keywords is expanded (by default? in just the tutorial?).

When I click on Keywords to collapse it, Custom Metadata opens instead.

It looks like it’s impossible to collapse both Custom Metadata and Keywords at the same time. One must always be open. Seems like a bug.


This is indeed a feature.

This is indeed a feature.

Sorry, Tiho. Not sure I understand why.

Also, I’m playing with Keywords in the Tutorial (on the Metadata document). Maybe I don’t understand Keywords, but several things seem not to work, or to work in a way I don’t really understand.

In the Keywords panel, if I click on the + I get a text field. Apparently I can create a keyword here, but can’t access the project keywords list. If I start to type a pre-defined project keyword (“Water”), the program doesn’t suggestively fill the field. (OK, maybe that’s a feature request.)

If I click the three dots and bring up the Keywords list box, expand Themes and select Water, then choose “Apply Keywords to Selected Documents,” nothing happens, Water isn’t added to the doc’s Keywords list.

Drag-and-drop from the Keywords box to the doc’s Keywords list does work, however.

I hardly ever use keywords, so in the Tutorial I was confused by the fact that Themes is a type, which led me to expect a drop-down list that showed the two instances of that type — Darkness and Water. Again, my inexperience with Keywords in Scrivener, but first-time users may also be confused. Perhaps change the tutorial to pick an actual keyword and not a keyword type — which, I failed to realize for a while, is itself a keyword.

Seeing “Theme” as a keyword for this document was counter-intuitive. I expected that clicking it would reveal a list.