Bug in mailing list?

This isn’t actually a Scrivener bug as such, but I signed up for the updates when I first downloaded Scrivener (late 2010) and I’m not getting anything. I’ve tried several times to subscribe to the newsletter page, but it always just says “Don’t worry, you’re already subscribed” - or similar message.

After the problems I had with the 022 release (losing a large chunk of work) I’d like to get any release notifications ASAP. Is there some other way I can subscribe so I don’t have to keep coming back to the homepage to check for new releases?


Hi Phillip,

I’m afraid we don’t have a beta mailing group at the moment - the Windows newsletter is for users interested in hearing about the release of Scrivener for Windows and updates thereafter. Many people don’t like using beta software and so are signed up waiting to hear about the proper release, and would soon unsubscribe if we kept sending out newsletters just to tell them a new beta was available.

All the best,