Bug (?) in new color options

I LOVE all the new color-coding options, Lee. It’s probably silly but it makes Scrivener come alive.

There seems to be a tiny bug in it however. If one sets a label color, that’s the color you get in the binder AND in the little square that’s always been colored inside the outliner. BUT, the color shade seems one tone lighter on the notecards AND when color-coding the actual outliner rows.

It’s easiest to see if you set a light label color and turn on coloring of Outliner rows. You’ll see that the little square is a bit darker than the surrounding color of each row.

No big deal but I thought it worth mentioning. Have I mentioned how much I love Scrivener lately?

Cheers — Larry

You can adjust the opacity of the label color for the Outliner and Corkboard in Edit>Options:Appearance–there’s a slider toward the top, and if you go all the way to “high” you’ll see that the color swatch in the Outliner matches the row color and becomes invisible.

Well shazaam! I should have thought about the opacity possibility. You’re right, that was the ‘problem.’ Good to know that it wasn’t one :slight_smile:

Cheers — Larry