Bug in Page Setup window?

While using the US Stage Play setup, I opened Page Setup. When I changed “Page Attributes” to “Scrivener,” all four margins were set to 2.54cm. But when I changed Units to Inches, 2.54 still appeared, which is incorrect: 1:00 should have appeared for inches. (See screenshot.)


No, this isn’t a bug. Changing the units doesn’t change the values. By default it’s set to 2.54 in each and “cm” as the value. If you want to change the values, you can change the measurement and values.

All the best,

Thanks. I had assumed that if I changed the units from centimeters to inches then the values would automatically change. However, the way it currently works is if I change the units from centimeters to inches but do not manually change the margins, my margins would remain at 2.54" rather than changing to their inch equivalent.

Any thought to having Scrivener automatically adjust the values when the unit changes.