BUG in PAPERBACK 5.06x ... format

In the section LAYOUT in PART TITLE PAGE, the TITLE checkbox is not TURNED ON and cannot be turned on due to this being “built into Scrivener”. So the only way to fix is to DUPLICATE AND EDIT.

So the fix would be to turn on the checkbox for the title for the PART TITLE PAGE so that the TITLE shows up like the same way this WORKS CORRECTLY with CHAPTER TITLES.

see more: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=66210

If you want to edit the built-in compile formats you always have to duplicate and then edit. That’s no bug

The BUG is that the default built in template claims and provides a mechanism for the actual title to show up but it does not. I am fine that to change it you have to duplicate then edit. But by default this should work as described so no duplicate and edit would be needed.

Thanks for catching this. Should be fixed for the next update!