Bug in PDF compiler 3.3.1

When the TOC is included I get a blank page in later chapters which should not be there, and is not when the TOC is not checked for inclusion in compile. I can usually get rid of the problem by rebuilding the TOC but it the problem reoccurs as soon as I edit some text - Changing recto and verso settings don’t seem to have any impact in this scenario.

Macbook Pro M1, Ventura.

Hi davidproducer. Which compile format are you using when this occurs? And, does this issue with the extra page occur only with this one compile format? If so, has the format been customized at all? I’m wondering if a setting in the format might be a factor.

You also said this occurs each time you edit some text. Where are those edits that cause the issue? That is, are they in the body of a document? To a document’s title that affects the ToC?