Bug in PDF export

Lately, whenever I am exporting to PDF format from scapple, the complete expanse of scapple is not being exported. To illustrate my point , I am attaching a screenshot of the scapple file I made and then an exported version of it to make it clear . Is it a bug or it can be corrected by making some changes in the setting ? Please look into it…


Are you using File>Export>PDF, or going to Print and saving a PDF that way? It looks like it is picking up a page size from Page Setup when doing the latter.

I always use file-export-pdf . Anyway , will see if something’s wrong with my own settings .

However , I have seen some more issues reported by others in this forum regarding pdf export from scapple . Would be great if you could resolve all the bugs and come up with a new version .

PS : no such issue occurs in png export. It’s still perfect .