Bug in Project Statistics Words per Page

I’m not sure if this has been reported yet, but I figured two reports are better than no reports.

You can change the Words per Page property to adjust the estimated Pages (paperback), and while it remembers the number you choose, it does not use that number on subsequent page counts.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a project that will have a decent page count.
  2. Press Ctrl + . to bring up Project statistics.
  3. Note the number give for Pages (paperback).
  4. Click on the Options tab.
  5. Set the Calculate pages using: Combo to “Words”
  6. Double the number in Words per page (doubling is not important, it just makes the bug more obvious)
  7. Click the Statistics Tab. (You will see the project statistics recompile and the Pages (paperback) value will be correct for the new Words per page value. (approximately half the value of the first count).
  8. Close Project Statistics.
  9. Press Ctrl + . to bring up Project statistics again.
  10. Note that the Pages (paperback) number is back to the original value.
  11. Go to the options tab and note that the Words per page value is still set to double its starting value.

If you click back on statistics it will recalculate the pages correctly, but you really shouldn’t have to take that extra step. If the app is going to save the words per page setting, it should use the saved value every time.