Bug in Scrivener for Mac

I think I’ve encountered a bug in Scrivener for Mac OS. It involves scratchpad. When I try to type a heading for the note I’m working on, I get a message that there has been a critical error and a bunch of computer language describing the error. It happens just about every time I do this. I have sent a copy of this to support. This is just an additional heads up.

Thanks, we have a few reports of Scratch Pad related crashing:

To date we have no solid reproduction of the bug ourselves, which lends credence to the most plausible theory that it has something to do with background software that conflicts with how the scratch pad works in some way. Logging out of your account and then logging back in with the Shift key held down (note, not a full reboot, though you can do that if you wish as well, which will enable safe mode—a slow environment, but useful for troubleshooting). That will suppress all normal background utilities from launching, and for a good test you should only use Scrivener and Finder for a while, to see if stability improves.