Bug in selection process

I have a document which has a table on top with an image on the right with company information. On the left are labels to write a client name and date.

I write reports and paste them below the header, then compile to pdf and send. Then I turn to the next client and repeat. There are often 2 - 10 sections all in one report. When the next report is done, I delete the previous information and paste then new client information. However, since the new Windows 3 , you cannot properly select what you want.

Here is what is reproducible for me. Figure a section is around a page long. I’ve got the table on top, and a couple pages below. I highlight the start of the section a couple lines below the table on top. I scroll down highlighting with the mouse. It works fine, but if I go to the bottom, it wraps around and snags the top table as part of the selection. If I stop a couple lines above the bottom, then the top is not highlighted. But, if I get to the bottom in any way at the start or end, then it wraps around and also selects the top table.