Bug in V3.1.1? Top Margin in PDF Changes Randomly

I just updated to V3.1.1. on my Macbook Pro, and recompiled my manuscript to PDF. Surprise! The page count went up. It appears that the top margin on the pages changes randomly, getting bigger than my setting (0.76") with no discernable pattern. Not good! I have a release coming in three weeks and copyedits to make and the cover is already designed for the previous page count. I either have to go back to the previous version, or get this bug fixed. HELP!

More info: I compiled the MS twice to two different files. The random changes to the top margin at least are consistent between the two files, with the same pages in both files having the wrong margins.
The margin increases by what appears to be 1 to 3 lines of text. It seems to happen on about 1/4 of the pages, but not in any consistent pattern. I’ve attached screen shots of the correct and the incorrect margins. This is the first page in the compiled document where this occurs.

More information: When compiling to Word (.docx) the margins are consistent, although they don’t match the margins in .PDF. Compiling to Word is not a viable workaround—many of my formats which work fine in PDF come out wrong in Word, and the page count is off by about 10 pages. I really need this bug in Scrivener fixed so I can compile to PDF.

Could you please attach or send us a sample project showing the issue?

Edit; Never mind, you have done already in another thread.

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Hey Keith-- What was the upshot of this thread? I have the exact same problem. When I upgraded to 3.1.1, my top margins change randomly every second or third page. One or two lines. My deadline is very soon and I need to fix this.

It’s a bug in the new widow and orphan control code. It’s fixed for the next update, but in the meantime, please just disable widow and orphan control in your Compile format.

Thanks, Keith.

Hey Keith–
Turning off the Widow and Orphan control did eliminate the blank lines at the top of pages, but now I’m plagued with unsightly widows and orphans. While I can tolerate this in the Advance Review Copies of the paperback, I’d hate to see them in the finished books a couple of months from now. So my question is when do you expect to release the next update you mentioned that will have a fix?


I’m afraid I can’t given an exact date as I’m still working on it. I would say, though, that until 3.1, Scrivener has never had widow and orphan control at all, so one option would be to do what users have had to do until now and export to Word, then create your PDF from there.

Personally, I’d recommend turning off widow and orphan control for a paperback anyway. I find widows and orphans far less unsightly than facing pages that have a different number of lines on them. With widow and orphan control, you could have a page on the right that finishes two lines earlier than the page on the left. I can’t find a single novel on my bookshelves that uses widow and orphan control. The only place I see it is in books with extensive footnotes (footnotes on nearly every page), where pages are often different lengths anyway.

See here for the difference and a brief discussion:

thebookdesigner.com/2010/10 … s-orphans/

Of course, that might just sound like a long-winded excuse for a bug that needs fixing. :slight_smile: Ultimately it’s your book and your decision and I hope to have the fix out soon, but I just can’t give an exact date yet. Before Christmas, though.

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Thanks, Keith. By Christmas will do.