Bug in writing history?

I’ve been getting some strange (read that as ‘sad’) word counts that I think are due to more than my own laziness and procrastination, and I’ve figured out why.

If I write a chapter that’s, say, a thousand words long, it gets correctly counted in the writing history. If I then duplicate the chapter, which I do sometimes to keep the metadata, etc., the writing history doesn’t say I just wrote another thousand words. It acts as if I didn’t write anything. That seems probably logical since I didn’t actually write any new words, but the word count of my story did technically increase by another thousand words. If I then delete the contents of that new chapter, the word count decreases by a thousand words. What I’m left with are two chapters, one with a thousand words and the other empty, and a word history that says I haven’t written anything.

The immediate solution is obvious: quit duplicating chapters. A better solution would be awesome.

By the way, I’ll echo what many others have said. Scrivener is amazing. It’s the reason I own a Mac and is my favorite program, bar none. I’ve been looking forward to the new version for a long time, and it doesn’t disappoint. Thank you so much!

Glad to hear you enjoy using Scrivener, and are liking the new version. :slight_smile:

Although that is true, the Writing History feature is not meant to track the overall size of your work, but rather simply to track writing activity, of which duplication, importing and other such bulk actions are not included in the definition (but deleting text certainly is).

The main question I would have for you is why are you finding the need to use duplication to start a new chapter? If it is because you use various bits of metadata settings and such that you’d like to have all new chapters start with, I’d look into the Document Templates feature.