[bug] "insert link" on Composition Mode not working

In Composition Mode, select text, hit Ctrl-K and… nothing happens. Works as expected outside Composition Mode, which turns the writing of newsletters a game of enter-exit-enter Composition Mode.

According to Scrivener I am running the latest version.


I can confirm this behavior on Scrivener v3, but for me Ctrl-L is the Add Link shortcut. (It’s possible that at some point I changed the shortcut. :nerd_face:) Edit Link Ctrl-Shift-L also doesn’t work in Comp mode.

Check for updates only confirms whether you are at the latest update within a particular version, which doesn’t tell us whether you’re on v1 or v3.

I’m experiencing this bug on v3.1.1.0, so I assume that’s what you’re on as well, but could you please confirm your version using Help > About.


Version: (1463331) 64-bit - 03 nov 2021

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