[BUG] Just installed and immediately, obviously, mouse and keyboard LAG and momentarily FREEZE

Already checked myself on this one. Everything else on my Windows 10 machine works normally, mouse and keyboard are snappy as usual.

Scrivener was fine yesterday, “BETA 45”.

The behavior I’m talking about isn’t just sluggishness, but forces me to make 2-3 attempts with the mouse merely to highlight a series of words while editing and omits keys I’ve typed, leaving words misspelled. I type fast and HARD (people complain about the clacking sometimes) so this isn’t about accidentally skipping characters or a sticky keyboard.

I repeat, everything else works just fine, as usual.

One last thing to try (which I really hate doing, I have real-time data feeds going that I have to shut down) is a machine restart. But given that no other app is having this problem, only Scrivener, I doubt it will change anything. I’ll let you know though.

This is not a nit. I’m aggravated and haven’t even been at my draft for 30 minutes yet.

The behavior keeps diverting my attention from writing to f**ing mouse and keyboard mechanics. Can’t get into a flow when at every step I twist my ankle on another stone.

Fortunately what I’m writing right now is incendiary stuff, so I can use that anger energy to advantage, but as a writer I’m not a happy camper right now.

Tried on two machines
5+ year old desktop i7 - Microsoft Mouse - Logitech Keyboard
2+ year old notebook Synaptics touch pad

File is 80K word manuscript in 20 chapters with lower chapters having 3-5 snapshots
A few images stored.

I can not reproduce this bug. it works fine. Using RC4

T-shooting Ideas
I would open task manager and look to see if something is stealing CPU cycles.
Check for pending updates to Windows that are in process.

Thanks wordjoy, but I’ve been using PCs/DOS since the 80s, I’m a retired software developer, and I’ve been using Windows since version 2. By the time I report a problem, I’ve already done all the troubleshooting that 95% of folks are aware of – and then some. I wasn’t smokin nuthin, lol.

And unfortunately (for diagnosis) and fortunately (cuz now no diagnosis needed) I can’t reproduce the problem either since no longer works.

I just installed today and the problem, whatever it was, isn’t happening. Cool.

So this one can be closed and X-filed. :smiley: