Bug? Label and Status have disappeared from the "General Metadata" section in the Inspector

Windows 10. Scrivener version Beta (723513) 64-bit - 25 Oct 2019.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or an intentional design choice. With Scrivener 1, the “Label” and “Status” drop-down menus are available in the Inspector under the “General Metadata” section. With this version of the beta, those options aren’t visible but must be accessed through the “Custom Metadata” ellipses menu, which brings up Project Settings where these features may be accessed (theoretically–I created a separate bug report thread as I can’t, in fact, change these settings). The “Section Type” drop-down menu, which I don’t believe I had before, seems to have taken the place of the “Label” and “Status” menus.

“Label” and “Status” are at the Inspector status-bar(at the bottom) and are always visible. They have nothing to do with the Section Types or the Custom Metadata.

Ah, thank you! Yep, there they are. :slight_smile: