Bug? "labels" disappeared in search

When using the project search, all of the sudden my “labels” have disappeared as an option for searching. I can still tick it off and search on labels and it works fine. See screenshot.

I’m running the latest Scrivener on XP (soon to be Win7 as soon as the new machine arrives.)
Closing and opening Scrivener doesn’t bring it back. Nor does a reboot.

If you open Project > Meta-Data Settings, it’s possible to customize the “Label” title–for instance, you might change it to “POV” or “Plot Thread” or such. My first guess here is that you accidentally just deleted that from the text field at the top, so there’s no title at all, in which case the fix is as simple as typing in “Label” again or whatever you’d prefer to call it.


Red-faced. You are so right. I thought I had checked all the options. Delete the thread if you want to keep it clean here.

Thank you. Again.

Glad that’s all it was. Easy fix!

Nah, it’s happened before and it’s bound to happen again, so maybe the thread will be of help to someone else.