Bug: Left/right editor margins also applied to top and bottom

Under Options -> Appearance -> Main Editor, when deactivating “Use fixed width editor” and setting a margin for “Left/Right”, margins of the same size are also added at the top and bottom of the document.

Scrivener version: 64-bit
Windows 10 1909

Yes, I noticed the same problem. More than that, the margins do not respect the entered size. For example, I set the Lef/Right margin to 30, and I got the following margins:

As you see, none of the margins are equal. Only the left margin is 30.
I hope this helps.

This still occurs in

Also in

Correct, the margins are applied all around, though the bottom margin is actually padded with the extra spacing since Scrivener has no way of knowing the full document length (it is almost like the padding is on top of another set padding). In the editor, you are likely never going to notice the bottom padding as shown here (Left/right margins set to 25 points):

Actually they do, even in Scrivenings mode which you were showing. What you are seeing is the uneven line endings in left-justified text. Check out the screenshot (note I have the ruler turned on and the editor margins set to 25 points):

As I noted in my other message, the left/right editor margins also apply to the top and add extra padding to the bottom as can be seen here when the margins are set to 80 points:

Note that the left and right (and top) margins are equal as shown by the ruler and when using fully-justified alignment.


is there a plan to change/fix this behaviour?
And, why is not possible to change the top/bottom values for the editor margins as it was in earlier versions?


This bug still exists in beta :frowning:

Any news about this?
Thank you :smiley:

This is still the same in 2.9.9,10. Is there a plan on fixing this? The problem is that left/right and top/bottom are linked, making hard to see all items in scrievening mode with large left/right margins (as they are separated by a big white top/bottom gap)

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This still occurs in

This appears to be fixed in

Yes, I also see it as fixed. Thank you :slight_smile: