BUG: Links created in Windows are erased in iOS

I posted something similar in the Technical forum but hoping to get some traction here.

SCENARIO: Edit Scrivener project in Windows which contains a number of links to files. I then sync the project via Dropbox and open the project in iOS.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Links should be displayed as links but, obviously, should not open any file since the file reference is to a file on my PC. However, when I open the project on my PC again, I should be able to see the original link to the original file.

CURRENT BEHAVIOR: Links created on the PC get converted to plain text once the project is opened in iOS. There is no indication that there is a link at all. When I open the project on the PC again, the links are erased.

QUESTION: What do you suggest as a workaround? My project depends on linking to files (Powerpoint mostly) on my PC for reference that I am using in my manuscript. I don’t expect nor want to open these files in iOS but I do want to edit the project text on my iPad without fear of erasing all of the links I’ve worked hard to create.

Thanks in advance!

Can the developers please chime in on this? The iOS version (I have all 3 - PC, Mac, iOS) of Scrivener is basically useless to me at this point because the links consistently get erased.

The iOS version hasn’t been updated for 10 months. Is there an update on the way?

Many thanks

Hi luckman88,

While L&L does respond on these forums, they are also very much peer to peer. No response means nobody else is experiencing your issue.

For urgent bugs you may want to submit a bug report directly to L&L:



This is a known bug, which will be corrected in the next iOS Scrivener release. It’s discussed in this thread:


I know it’s not helpful right now, but it is in the queue.

@JimRac, SilverDragon - thank you both. It’s helpful to know that the solution may be in the pipeline.

This bug is the most frequent on the site. [color=black]VMate
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JimRac, Do you submit your report of bug??

And Is it solved ??