[BUG LIST] as of today 3/31/2019

Keeping track of bugs in Onenote and PDF-ing them is actually more informative than raw posting here on the forum, I think. It saves me a LOT of time and gives you a better picture of the problems.

You’ll find the list at drive.google.com/open?id=1GXzUJ … IsA3r4O0i4

Hi Skeptic!

I appreciate that this method saves you time, but please take another look at the section entitled “Reporting Bugs” at the Beta Testing sticky:


Posting your bugs as an unedited list makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues, either to add information or see that their issue has already been reported. It also makes it difficult for us to note which user reports have already been filed/fixed or otherwise dealt with, as well as limiting our ability to ask follow up questions on specific issues. And finally, it makes it difficult for you to see which of your issues we have tried to address in the changes list posted for each beta version at the above address, where fixed bugs are listed by their internal ticket number – a ticket number I try to add to each post both for other beta testers and as an aid for us.

Please reconsider posting bugs in the forum one at a time.

Thanks for your consideration and all of your help so far with the Beta!

thePhilosoraptor, sorry it took me so long to respond. 6 month unplanned hiatus. I’m back to my work now.

I understand and I normally do post bugs one at a time, but right then came down to doing it that way or not at all. You’ll notice that my recent posts follow the guidelines. :slight_smile: