Bug: Menu Bar disappears After I click Compose


I am using Scrivener full screen, so that when I want the menu bar, I have to “bump” the cursor up at the top and the menu bar appears.

If I click Compose, however, and then Escape, the bumping does no good. The menu bar is permanently gone.

I am using Yosemite 10.10.5, two screens. The additional information you requested when I repeated the process with Console on is attached



Have you tried reinstalling the software yet? It looks like it may be having difficulty building everything it needs, and a bad install might explain that.

I have not. I will try to make some time to do that. Thanks!


Today, I installed V2.7 of Scrivener and I still have the same problem. Screenshot of Console is below.


Interestingly, the strange error messages seem to have gone away, the only messages in the last screenshot are expected warnings for 10.10. Does the problem persist if you turn off one of the monitors, out of curiosity?