Bug? Missing collapse icons in 'Project Targets' window

When I write, I have the ‘Project Targets’ window open to see my progress towards the session count (and to frequently reset). But I don’t want to see the ‘Draft Target’ there of the total project progress.

In the old version there are helpful ‘collapse icons’ for that:


This feature is unfortunately missing from Scrivener 3. If this is by design, then I hope that this missing feature can be brought back in. If this is a bug, I hope it can be fixed. :slight_smile:


[size=85](I searched the existing topics in the ‘Beta Testing’ area but didn’t find any.)[/size]

I was about to report the same thing - it’s still missing in the current version. I can’t see any advantage to not having that option, so I assume it is a bug? Has there been any update on this?

The collapse buttons have been removed in v3. Following Mac here. Sorry to read that you miss them.