BUG: Move to Trash command in Collections not consistent

I’ve created an arbitrary collection as instructed in the tutorial. I can see the collection list of files in the binder pane on the left, but I can’t see it in the editor window. When I select an individual file in the collection list, its contents are displayed in the editor window. But what I want is to see the whole collection as a corkboard in the editor window. How do I do that? Clicking on the collection’s tab does nothing.

Issue: when I right click a file in the collection list, one of the options is ‘Move to Trash (Shift + Del)’. In fact this action only removes the file from the collection list, which I guess is the desired result. So the menu should say ‘Remove’ (or something similar). And wouldn’t it be better to have a different key combination, because this is a completely different action from Shift+Del does in other contexts.

To see a collection, or indeed any arbitrary group of files in the corkboard, select all of the files you’re interested in and then click the Corkboard icon.

To select a group of files in sequence, click the first file, then shift-click the last file. To select a non-sequential series of files, click the first file, then ctrl-click each additional file.

Thanks for noticing the mis-named “Remove” command. You’re right, that could be confusing. I’ll flag your comment for the developers.