Bug moving between 'Spaces' on a Mac

Not a huge problem and easy enough to remedy but a bug all the same:

When working with Scrivener as a fullscreen Space in Mac OS and I have a quick reference panel open, if I change Spaces and go to my desktop (either by swiping left with three fingers or using the Cmd+Tab to switch apps) then it functions correctly.

However when I want to switch back to Scrivener, if I remember to three-finger swipe right then it works as expected.

But if I use Cmd+Tab to switch apps, instead of changing the Spaces to Scrivener, it makes the quick reference panel pop up on my desktop. When I then three-finger swipe back to my Scrivener Space, the quick reference panel stays behind on the desktop space and I can’t see it on my Scrivener Space. It’s like Spaces sees the Scrivener main window as the app while the ‘app switcher’ now thinks Scrivener is just the quick reference panel.

As I say it’s easy enough to remedy by re-opening the quick reference panel in Scrivener again - but it’s slightly annoying and I thought you might like to know

(MacOS Monterey 12.6.1 on a 2017 MacBook Pro)