BUG: My scriptwriting elements changed – how do roundtrip my project?

I’m writing a screenplay in Scriptwriting Mode. I have four folders representing act breaks. In these folders I have over a hundred documents representing either individual scenes or a group of scenes. Each document also contains notes. Each document has its custom name (not corresponding to a scene heading in the actual screenplay). I’m writing in “Script Mode – Screenplay.”

Today, to my great dismay :cry: , I noticed that in most of my documents (not all, for some reason) my Action elements had magically transformed into Scene Heading elements, i.e. they are also all in UPPERCASE. I don’t know why or how this happened but it seems like a very annoying bug. I would like to fix this but I understand that Scrivener has very limited Find and Replace features and manually parsing through every document and selecting every single paragraph that has erroneously been transformed into a Scene Heading, then changing it back into an Action element, then transforming the paragraph into lowercase text (screenplay action shouldn’t be in uppercase), then manually capitalising every letter that needs to be in uppercase – is frankly too much of an undertaking in Scrivener. At least for me.

Is there a way I can save or export my entire project/hierarchy of documents (so I can parse the text in another editor with a more advanced Find and Replace) and import them back in the same exact hierachy, with the same exact document names, including their individual notes and with the same scritpwriting elements? Please help!