[BUG] New layout shortcuts won't work in Ubuntu

I’m just trying out some of the cool new features in 025 and I’m loving them. You’re doing an amazing job. Also, it feels snapier than the previous beta, even in my netbook.

I just wanted to point out that the new layout shortcuts won’t work in Ubuntu, since Ctrl+Alt+Arrow are used to switch between workspaces, and thus if you try them you will only find yourself in a new workspace.

Have you tried mapping a new key combination to switch between workspaces under Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts? That might work.

Keymapping might end up being the way to go; I have that kind of issue with the Ctrl-Arrow shortcuts when working on a VM on Mac, since Ctrl-Arrow is the shortcut for switching spaces, and I got that ingrained before Windows shortcuts came along to wreck it. (Which is to say–I could change it to something else on the Mac, but I don’t waaaanna.) That said, the Ctrl-Alt-Arrow shortcuts are likely to change, as they also conflict with some Windows system shortcuts on various machines. Stay tuned!

(The items themselves are accessible via the menus, so you can still get them without the shortcuts–View>Layout will give you both Hide/Show Footer and Header, Hide/Show Toolbar is at the bottom of the View menu, and Hide/Show Format Bar is under the Format menu.)

For what it’s worth, the shortcuts work for me with KDE. Not all window managers use the same key combinations.

Just to be perfectly clear, yes, if I map the combination to a different combination, they work on Scrivener. (Not that I’m going to leave it that way, I’m way too used to using Ctrl+Alt+Arrow to swtich workspaces that I might do something bad to my computer if it doesn’t work).