Bug: New Play [BUG LOGGED]

First, great improvement on the U.S. Stageplay format.

I opened a new play document, and got this problem, then I tried to refresh by going to Full Screen, it was OK, then it changed up when I pressed ENTER or did another keystroke. I then went back to regular view, it was O.K. It alternated back to this funky layout back and forth. I restarted my computer, and started Scrivener, and it did it again.


I’ve seen that too!

Now. It happens all the time. Even for old plays I have written. This occurs in XP and Windows. :frowning:

Owch! Well fix this.


Yay! This is bug I have had since the beginning of the process, but I finally found a way to isolate it. Thank you! Thank you!!

(dance of joy)

I didn’t have this bug in 1.6 but I now have it in 1.7.

All my next in script formatting is now vertical.