[BUG] Not creating compiled file

This is my first time using the Beta. I’ve written a full short story and was going to compile it for export.

It’s not creating a file. I initially tried to compile to my google drive and also tried to my hard drive. When I hit compile, it shows that it’s gathering the files and then compiling, but when I go to the folder I’ve tried to compile it to, I can’t find the compiled word .docx file. I’ve looked through all the places in Scrivener Beta to see if I can find a destination it’s defaulting too and can’t find one.

When I searched my hard drive and google drive, I found shortcuts (in the “recent” and “AppData” folders) of the files I’d saved reflecting back to the locations I’d intended them to be in. But then when I click on the shortcut, it says the link doesn’t work.

I’ve included a screen cap of my compile screen settings. If you need another screen cap of something else to help out, let me know and I’ll add it.


I can’t reproduce this problem, unfortunately. I’m not sure of anything that will cause “no output.” Even though no section layouts were assigned, there are defaults. I found a Compile profile where I hadn’t assigned layouts, and the scene compiled. I opened the output file and it was fine (basically, as-is, which is the default).

I assigned the section type “heading” to a scene, and it compiled, too.

You’re using the default Manuscript (Times), unaltered, and it should be fine. Honestly. The only thing I can think of is that your output directory might have some strange properties? It should show everything in it, but Windows can be strange, and you might have to refresh the view with F5 at times.

Sorry I can’t help more.

EDIT: What version are you using? Normal resolution or HiDPI? That may affect things, though why it should I have no idea.

Standard 1920x1080 resolution.

I’ve tried refreshing. Still nothing showing up. It’s definitely weird. I’ve tried compiling from both the button and the “file” menu option. Nothing.

The only time I had no output from a compile was because of Windows Security Folder Projection (antiransomware) - I had to whitelist Scrivener.

If this is still happening then try a different file format in case the conversion to Word is what is falling over. PDF or RTF would be best. Also try creating a new test project and see if it still happens. Trying these things will help us determine if there is a problem with the software, or it is something specific to the project.

Is your project stored on Google Drive?

Ok, did some more compiles as requested. Here are the details.

The initial project (P1) I’d created was an import from last updated version of live Scrivener for Windows. I also started a new project (P2) in the Beta Scrivener.

Compiling to .docx file - neither would compile. In fact, when you hit the compile button, the compile control window stays on the screen. You have to cancel out to get back to the main screen.

Compiling as PDF - Both projects compiled correctly. I also did a compile compiling both to my hard drive and to a google drive. The Compile control panel closed it self out after successfully completing it’s pile.

So in this case, the only change on compile attempts was changing to a PDF. All other settings were left the same.

If you go to File>Options and then the Sharing tab, and then Conversion and click on Export Converters you can select DOCX from the list of file types and change the convertor to Microsoft’s own. Does that help?

That did the trick. I had to download .NET Framework for windows after I made that change. Downloaded and installed. Both projects compiled correctly as .docx in the file I wanted them in.