Bug or feature? Making text an inline annotation turns text black

I make extensive use of styles (as a means of exporting to markdown) and I also make extensive use of Inline Annotations (as a means of making both a manuscript and a printable outline) in my sermon preparation.

When I mark a section of text as an inline annotation, it retains the style of the text but makes the text black. This makes it so a style can not round trip from text to annotation to text without the text color being changed.

Here’s a 13 second video demo: v.usetapes.com/iEMHyq2wgz

I realize there are workarounds:

  • Use a paragraph style instead of inline annotation and remove them on compile
  • Change all styles to have black text
    They both have disadvantages that I’d like to avoid if possible. The “Do not color the text of inline annotations” option does not seem to make a difference.

Scrivener is truly AMAZING!! Thanks for everything.