Bug or feature? Not very friendly if a feature

I select a document, I can see the Inspector selection above the inspector.
I select a folder UNDER Manuscript/Draft, same thing; I can select what I inspect.
I select Manuscript, I can no longer see the selection icons above the inspector, and all I see is “Project Bookmarks” in the inspector, regardless of what was previously selected there.

If this is by design, please reconsider. It removes functionality that’s fairly critical.

See, I want to see my comments. Often, I place comments where I know I need to rewrite for some reason. I can see those aggregated if I select Chapter, but if I want to see all the comments, all at once, of all chapters, I have to add another level of structure, under Manuscript, just to see what I need to see. Either that or compile into a separate document just so I can find what I want to know.

Turn on Scrivenings mode, and then place your cursor in the Editor pane. If you still don’t see the full row of icons, that would be a bug.


Switching to Scrivenings mode loads all the Inspector notes for me.