Bug or not?

Ok here goes. In this specific situation, Scrivener does something weird. I think an example would be best. I have a line where two people are texting each other.

Billy bob: Hi Sally, you smell like an acorn.

you smell like dirt Billy.

Whoops! I forgot to put “Sally” in front of “you smell like dirt Billy.” So I place my cursor in front of “you” and type Sally." When I type colon, the first letter of the text disappears. In this case, “you” would disappear from “you smell like dirt Billy.” This leaves me with the following:

Sally:smell like dirt Billy.

Bug or not? Or do I have something set in preferences?

P.s. The colon disappears as well. Much apprech.

This is likely going to have something to do with a setting or settings in File > Options > Corrections > Corrections or File > Options > Corrections > Spelling.

I suggest going through each setting in those two tabs, one at a time, disabling or enabling an option, then testing the change to determine whether you’re still having the issue.

This may not “fix” it, but at least you’ll be able to come back here and tell L&L what the setting is. It also might give you a workaround.


It sounds like you’ve toggled on overwrite mode with the Insert key. You can either toggle it off by pressing Insert again, or you can disable the setting that allows toggling overwrite mode by deselecting that in File ▸ Options ▸ Editing (in which case you’ll always insert, never overwrite, regardless of the key state).