BUG: Outline mode reshuffles after title/synopsis edit

Whenever I edit either the title or synopsis of a document in outliner mode, the view reshuffles everything into alphabetical order, instead of the threaded outline mode that I came here for. Escaping or Entering out of the edit both cause this. Only way to fix it is to go next/previous viewed document. Doesn’t happen when I edit a custom meta tag.

Check and see if your Outline view is sorted by the Name column. There will be an arrow in the column if so. Click the column title to cycle through ascending sort, descending sort, and Binder order.

Okay, thanks. That’s a partial solution. I can work with that when I have outline editing to do. However, cycling orders like that flattens the outline, meaning nothing is indented and the arrows for collapsing levels are removed. Cycling next/prev viewed returns the indenting, but is there any way to force that formatting to stick when cycling to binder order?

Once the outline is in Binder order, it should stay that way regardless of what else you do.

I’m not seeing the “flattening” behavior that you describe, though. For me (Mac Scrivener), the outline structure remains as I cycle through sort orders. Could you post a screenshot to help me understand what you’re seeing? I’ll check your trust level to make sure you can.

This is where it starts:

But this is what it looks like after cycling the order:

I can reproduce what @Mohenjo is seeing in the Tutorial project, on Windows Scrivener 3.1.4.

Start with Binder sequence:

Click Title column to sort ascending (hierarchy flattens, as expected):

Click Title column to sort descending (hierarchy remains flattens, as expected):

Click Title column to revert to Binder sequence (hierarchy remains flattened - this is not expected):

Going backward and forward in editor history corrects the flattening.

Based on Mac Scriv’s behavior and the fact that using editor history corrects the flattening, I believe this is a bug.



Yes, I do feel this could be improved. I don’t know how possible it would be, given how there was a necessity to flatten the contents of the view when sorting in the first place, but if it can be fixed it would be nicer to return to the original view when you are done sorting.

It’s been on the list to improve ever since it was decided to use this approach of flattening on sort.

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