Bug: Outliner, random font size/line size reset

So, today, with several metadata items in the outliner, including Word count, I adjusted the widths of some of the items, and the outliner suddenly reset all the line heights to only include the height of the main line, and not the height of the Synopsis. It showed about a line of the Synopsis, but the text itself was half cut off at the bottom. Title and Synopsis were “shown” – sort of – but the line height for the entire set of stuff was still only 12 points or so.

I’ve tried to reproduce this, but I seem unable. I normally set the Title height to 14 pts (for separation of lines for readability’s sake) and that was reset to 12. To reset the outliner, I went back to Options and changed the Title font size back to 14.

Also, the items included in the Outliner seem to have been randomly reset; I suddenly had Label included, and characters, and I didn’t want either of those, nor had I selected them.

So there are still issues in the Outliner.

Discovered what’s happening.

Sometimes, when I add a field to Custom MetaData, the outliner resets everything to a 12-point line height, and crams part of the Synopsis into the Title box. It also adds random fields to the Outliner’s display, but does not check the boxes; you cannot UNCHECK them, because they’re not checked; you have to check the boxes and then uncheck them. In order to restore the line height, you have to do something extra to the outliner.

Sometimes, though, after resetting to 12-point line height, it then resets the height to where it should be. This may depend on the size of the project; my large projects seem to not go back to the correct height. It may also depend on the size and amount of metadata in the project.

But it ALWAYS adds 2-3 random fields to the Outliner view, for no apparent reason.