[Bug] Outliner view retains its selection on subsequent visit, autonavigates in other pane, sets wrong inspector

Greetings – Suppose we open a folder in outline view with “Automatically open selection in other editor”. We’ve selected an item in the outline, and it opens in the other pane. Then we navigate elsewhere in both editors. Then we return to that outline view folder. Under certain conditions, it’ll retain that old selection, autonavigate to it in the other pane, and bring up the unselected pane in the Inspector.

In the Tutorial, I’ve converted The Inspector to a folder, and am viewing it in the left pane in outline view. I’ve selected Snapshots within the outline,

Now I’ve navigated away in both panes, to Get Organized in the left, Compiling the Draft in the right.

Now I’ve returned to The Inspector via the arrow keys. The prior selection is live within the outline. Snapshots auto opens in the other pane. Is that intentional programming? It’s an annoyance, though maybe one could make a case for it. But the inspector is displaying the inactive pane, and that’s definitely a bug.

To me, Scriv should not retain the outliner selection on a subsequent visit. It does so when we return via the arrow keys or a Scrivener Link, not when we return there via the Binder. When navigating via the history arrows, we’re often just passing through, looking for another document. There’s no rationale for changing the item in the other pane.

Thanks for taking a look!

Rgds - Jerome