BUG: Paper Fade (composition mode) not working

Using Scrivener Beta 22.

Thanks for fixing the bug in this last beta with composition mode backdrop not saving. However, when setting a composition mode backdrop (through Project Settings), Paper Fade does not work while in Composition Mode. If I remember correctly, it used to work fine (by fading the paper while keeping the background as it is) in earlier versions of the beta.


Hi Konssam,

I am unable to replicate this in the current beta. Does this affect all backgrounds for you, or is there a specific image causing the issue?

Ok, seems to be working now. I could swear I tried restarting Scrivener a couple of times and it still wasn’t working. Anyway, sorry for the confusion, everything is fine now.

I’m glad it’s working for you now. Let us know if you have the problem again.