Bug: "Paste and Match Style" ignored after footnote is added

As mentioned in this post, there’s a bug with adding footnotes and the “paste and match style” hotkey.

However, it’s not that the field lacks focus. If you type, or hit Ctrl + V, you’ll see that in fact the footnote field does have focus. It’s a specific bug related just to the “Paste and Match Style” mapped shortcut.

Here are all the ways that work to add text after clicking cf, clicking insert->footnote from the menu, or using the footnote hotkey. It appears to be the same whether the editor or the inspector have focus before the button is clicked.

  1. Paste regularly (hotkey or edit menu)
  2. Type directly
  3. Use the edit menu to Paste and Match Style
  4. Clicking into the footnote field after clicking cf, then using paste and match style hotkey.

Only using the hotkey for paste and match style doesn’t seem to work. Even after altering the hotkey, it still won’t work. I even swapped the Paste and Patch and Match Style hotkeys, so that Ctrl + V would paste and match style. Each time, the hotkey assigned to paste and match style failed. So it seems like it’s a bug with that mapping.