Bug?: Pasted text no longer contributes to session target

In previous versions, pasted text would count towards the session target; in the latest beta (11), pasted text is ignored completely by the target counter. I saw in another thread that tweaking of the targets system has introduced a few new bugs to this version, so I thought I’d mention this in case it counts as one.

Most likely it is due to another bug not counting the session counts properly. Try switching Project > Project Targets > Options > Session Target(tab) > “Reset session count:” to “Never” and try to copy/paste again.

Hmm… that did seem to work, though I did have it set to ‘Never’ already. So I had to switch to a different setting and then switch back to the one I already had.

Apologies if that’s superfluous information – just figured I should make a note of it, in case it helps to pinpoint the source of the problem and/or how to rectify it.