Bug? Project > New Text (Ctrl+N) Won't Let me Begin Editing!

After pressing Ctrl+N, I can give a title. After I press Enter, I expect to be dropped into the Editor. However, I seem to have to click around a bit, or press Tab repeatedly until the Insertion cursor appears. Is this a bug or a preference?

Click in the Editor if you want to write in the Editor.
Have you done the built-in interactive tutorial, found under Help and in the opening screen?

I neglected to mention that clicking in the editor does not work. I’m not new to Scrivener. But I am new to this Version 3 :slight_smile:

Ah, phooey! The editor is not at the extreme left edge. So, of course, you’re right. I have to remember to click in the middle of my screen.

Exactly, within the writing area. The Editor has fixed with now, by default, but it can be changed in Options.

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You can set the Editor to use the full width.

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Thanks, lunk. I’ll be setting it to full-width, for sure!

That’s done. It looks much better. I appreciate your help!

Another option, if you like the idea of fixed width, is to deselect the option to centre the editor (also under Options: Appearance: Main Editor). That way it aligns left, and clicking there will act as you expect, but you’ll still be able to keep a consistent wrap length in a wide window.

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That’s exactly what I did. Thanks!