[BUG?] Project Settings dialog

It seems to me that—since each project is its own entity—I should be able to have open the Project Settings dialog for each open project at the same time.

At the present time, I can only have it open for one project at a time!

Please tell me this is something that can be fixed.

Is there any consensus as to whether this is—or is not—a bug?

It might be. Or it might not be.

But what it is definitely is irritating, so I’d feel better knowing it’s something that can be changed.

Oh, and also: It appears that while the Project Settings dialog is open in one project, all other projects cannot do any work until the Project Settings dialog is closed.

IMNSHO, what happens Vegas should stay in Vegas, and what happens in one project should do likewise.

Just my $1/50.

Confirmed. Just a note, if Project Settings are made to work separately as suggested, it would be a good idea to put the project name in the project settings title bar so that you know which project settings you are working on. It would be “a nice to have feature” to be able to open two different project settings to compare/duplicate at the same time for projects that were created with different templates or at different times.

I believe the main problem here is that there are aspects of this panel which benefit from it being modal, and with the toolkit used to make the software (or perhaps even Windows at large), there is no concept of a modal dialogue being attached to a single window and blocking only it. Otherwise, Compile as well would be another great candidate for per-project blocking instead of rendering every project inaccessible until you’re done.

I do agree it would be nice, particularly in how eventually it is supposed to be simple to drag and drop settings between Project Settings panes—but we’re probably going to have to make do with Copy and Paste only for that, given the limitations.

I get that. I might even see that there’s benefits to the dialog being modal.

But must it be modal? How significant are the drawbacks of it not being so?

Just curious.

I don’t know the answer to that myself, sorry. Sometimes the reason has to do with technical plumping or performance, rather than what seems logical on the surface. There is potentially a lot of scheduling and background work going on in this pane, for instance. Consider deleting your label list entirely—could be that causes thousands of items to require having their assignment settings adjusted, dozens of menus to be updated on the fly if you have a lot of Quick Ref windows open, etc. It does that kind of stuff when you click OK, but would that be feasible in a scenario where you could Cancel? Again, I don’t really know—just thinking of potential roadblocks that make sense to me.

Well then, digressing a bit, it might be nice to be able to export/import each of the project settings (being able to export custom metadata, for instance, would be lovely.

As noted above, simple copy and paste from all of the various lists is on the slate for future implementation. The only exception will remain Section Types, which with their level assignment setup is too complex to allow for potential partial copy and paste.