[BUG] Project Statistics [Beta 023]

I thought this bug had been fixed but I’ve encountered it now with a project. According to total word count in outline view this project currently stands at 8181 but project statistics only says 460.

First draft folder is in Scriv draft folder and I have the following options checked in project statistics:

Count all documents
Exclude annotations
Count Sub documents

All documents have the include in draft box ticked.

I have even copied the scrivx file and deleted the old one in case this was due to project becoming corrupted. I have zipped up the project and can send it to you if that helps. It’s too big to attach here.

Just to check on this, are you looking at the Draft count or the Selection count? The options you’re talking about only affect the selection count; the Draft count is controlled by your compile settings. Do you happen to have only one of subfolders set up to compile, rather than the entire draft? Or are you set to compile all the text or just titles and synopses?

Sorry I was talking about the draft count. Following your comments I changed the project’s compile settings which made the word count more accurate. There is now a seven word difference between outline and project statistics.

Thanks MM I must make a note to check my compile settings if this happens again.

Excellent, glad that fixed it. The seven word difference sounds like a reasonable amount for a short annotation that you’re not including (since the footer count will count all inline notes regardless of your settings) or for titles or such (which don’t get included in the footer word count).