Bug: Project Statistics

I noticed this today in “Project Statistics.” I’m not sure if it’s been reported before.

Also, this weird number shows up across all my projects, not just one in particular. It seems to be stuck in place and I can’t get rid of it.

(See attached image.)

I have a feeling that this may have cropped up before. Does this happen when you create a new project? What are your project statistic settings? Also your project statistics are generated by your compile options so these would be helpful to know as well.

It shows up immediately when I create a new project, and it never goes away.

Project statistics settings are:

Count all documents
Exclude Annotations
Count Sub-documents

Paperback: 350 words/page

I’ve tried changing them. Nothing works. That weird number is always there.

Compile was set to the defaults until this cropped up and I’ve tried changing the settings to try and get this to go away. No dice.

Heck, I’ve even tried reinstalling the software. That doesn’t even work.

The only thing I can suggest is to email the Windows team at windows.support@literatureandlatte.com. They could probably look at your projects to try and find the cause of the problem.

I hope you get it fixed soon.