Bug: Project targets word counter

This is just to note that I appear to have the same bug as RAM3001 has on the Windows version ( viewtopic.php?f=32&t=28487 ). The word counts for session and draft in the Project Targets dialog is very unreliable, sometimes jumping back and forth in numbers much greater than what has been added/deleted. Even the reset button isn’t perfectly reliable (it just reset my session count to 102 at one stage).

The workaround is to work things out by hand from the Project Statistics information (or individual scrivening info - word counters on status bars and in the outliner are reliable).

Edit for system info:
Ubuntu 14.04 running the 64bit version of Scrivener The project is one created with an earlier version of Scrivener (1.6 something, can’t remember exactly, but the previous major release).