Bug? PrtScn button behaves differently in Scrivener

When I press PrtScn button on my keyboard, it behaves differently when Scrivener is the active application.

I had its settings adjusted, so when I press it, it opens the Snip & Sketch.
In all other applications, it works as it must, but not in Scrivener.

It worked fine in RC13; I was using it to take screenshots. Now, in RC15, instead of opening the Snip & Sketch, pressing it takes a screenshot of my whole desktop.

Is there a reason for that?

OK, I found out that there is something much deeper going on here. It’s not only the PrtScrn button that is not working properly.

I use an Autohotkey script to swap the shortcuts for Paste and Paste and Match Style(the default shortcuts bug me to no end, and since we can’t modify those particular shortcuts the natural way, I have to use the Autohotkey script. I hope the devs could fix this and allow us to assign new shortcuts natively).

The script used to work perfectly until this latest version (15). Now, it refuses any attempts to modify the Scrivener’s own shortcuts. It doesn’t matter how I target Scrivener’s window in Autohotkey.

So, I’m thinking, those two problems are related.

Can anyone help with any idea?

Devs: Can you shed some light on what had changed in shortcuts handling in the last update?


Nothing shortcut related and shortcut related treatment has changed for the last few versions. The only major change that might affect this is the switch to Qt 5.15.2. in the HighDPI version, but this took place a couple of versions ago. Try the Non-HighDPI version, which uses Qt 5.12.9 and see how it behaves for you.

In Windows, you can press Alt + PrtScn if you only want a screenshot of the active window, rather than the whole desktop.

Thanks, I’ve tried both, the 64-bit Non-HiDPI and 32-bit Non-HiDPI to the same result. The shortcuts and the PrtScrn button don’t behave any differently than the HighDPI version.
Hope you will be able to find a solution in the feature.


Thanks, I’m aware, but it doesn’t solve my problem. With Snip & Sketch, I can take small crop pieces from the screen without the need of feature editing. It’s very convenient.

Thanks for the suggestion though,