BUG: quick search appears to do nothing

Quick search, whether invoked by menu (Edit->Find…->Quick Search) or by shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+G) appears to do nothing. I tried it with a word selected, and nothing. I tried it with nothing selected, and nothing. I tried it with a document selected in Binder, and with a folder, and with the manuscript selected. Nothing.

Is it not implemented? I seem to remember this working, before, but my memory could be in error.

I have the same problem. Through it does sometimes works, usually just once per session , no text appears in the box.

Try File > Save and Rebuild Indexes and try the Quick Search again.

Quick Search works for me with the latest beta…

… but only if you click in the actual search box. Neither ctl-shift-g nor Edit > Find > Quick Search will ever induce the quick search box to become active though: the cursor doesn’t move from wherever it may be to the box, and the date doesn’t disappear from the search field.

In other words clicking in the quick search box seems to be the only way to invoke it.

Note: this is on Linux under Wine and I won’t be able to test it on windows till later, but I think it’s the same. I’ll report back if it isn’t.

Following up on my post…

The same bug exists in Windows as well as Linux:

It is impossible to invoke Quick Search by any other method than clicking in the QS window.

This isn’t due to a clash of shortcuts: I’ve tried changing the shortcut and nothing happens (and in any case, that wouldn’t account for the failure of the menu item…)


I tried this, still doesn’t work.