BUG RC 14: epub2 heavily broken

While the validator is completely satisfied with the epub3-version of a book, it finds a lot of errors in the exactly same book, when compiled as epub2.
meaning: epub 3 igets validated, epub2 not. I did not change anything between compiling one and the other epub.

I attach the error message and both epubs. I had to “zip” the epubs to get the system to accept them. The epub2 is named as such.

btw: In RC 13 epub2 were completely fine.

Looking for a work around, I just took this perfectly valid epub3 from above to my old calibre (as I need an “older” epub2 for tolino anyway) and converted it to said old epub2. And it came out as a valid file.

Sorry Dorothea, one of the “meta” tags was not closed properly in the HTML files, causing the heavy error reporting on ePub2. This has been fixed and ePub2 should compile fine out of the box in the next update. We have also polished the HTML content and style generation, so we would like to hear your feedback with RC15 once it is released.

Will do.