Bug: RC16: Composition Mode editor background transparency alpha not working as expected

Scrivener Release Candidate 16
Windows 10 Pro 19042.746


Many thanks for the excellent Scrivener betas and writing environment. The software is much appreciated and enjoyed.

I use the Dark Mode theme and when in Composition Mode I use a semi-transparent editor background. I can successfully change the background colour setting using

File - Options - Appearance - Composition Mode - Colors - Editor

and changing the ‘Alpha channel’ value in the color settings.

When viewing a single document in composition mode the editor background is semi-transparent as required.
However, when viewing multiple documents as Scrivenings in Composition Mode the semi-transparency is lost and a solid background is displayed without the alpha channel being effective.

I have tried creating, saving and loading a custom theme with the same results.

When in ‘Default’ theme the Composition Mode background can be made semi-transparent whether viewing a single document or multiple scrivenings (although the level of transparency differs between them).