Bug RC9 - Newly created documents don't appear in outliner

What I did (see picture showing layout)

Copied a document using binder selection and commands Documents / Duplicates / Without subdocuments.

The documents shows in the binder and the corkboard (if you select the higher level folder of the book). BUT it does not appear in the outliner on the right hand side of my screen. It doesn’t matter how many documents you create none of them show.

After a lot of wasted time I discovered that if I was able to bring up a corkboard in the window I am using for the outliner, with the document showing, the outliner started to behave as expected. ie if you create a document using the binder it shows in the outliner. I have duplicated this in two projects.

It is a weird bug, but frustrating.



Hi Andrew,

Based on your screenshot, I believe Scrivener is working correctly.

It appears that the list of documents in your Outliner is the result of Multiple Documents being selected, and that’s why you’re not seeing the new documents in the Outliner. Scrivener won’t automatically add the new documents to a list of selected documents. This is expected behavior, and it works the same in Scriv v1.

If the Outliner was simply a view of folder contents, then I think it would work as you expect. E.g., load the Outliner by clicking on folder SU WALKS THE LINE, then duplicate a document, and see if it works as expected.

Then again, it’s possible I am misunderstanding the steps in your process. But that Multiple Documents selected in the Outliner seems to be behaving correctly.


Hi Jim, I’m didn’t select multiple documents in either the binder, or the outliner. As can be seen by the fact that the document being edited is in the singular. The outliner should be showing all my chapters, but the bug means that until you can force it to update and show everything it won’t.

I do note that in testing this I used the same process to create new documents that I’d used in previous versions and which never threw up this error. In addition to being able to duplicate the problem in two separate projects.

I’m pretty confident that its working for me now, although I won’t find out until after the next reboot. But for a new starter this bug is really going to trip them up.


Was about to comment, but seeing this, I thought I’d better explain more. The two editor panes are separate. Neither tracks what happens in the other (unless you do certain document selection actions on one from the other). One of your images shows an outliner pane that shows multiple docs selected (it says, “multiple documents” at the top). Now, when you select multiple documents when the Outliner pane is ACTIVE, it shows only those. If you shift to a different pane (like the active document that you were editing), the outliner does not do anything. It doesn’t change its contents until you activate that pane again and add to or change the document selections, with one exception – folder contents.

If you select a folder, it will show the folder and the documents or folders beneath it. If this is the case, then when you add a new document to the folder, it will show it (just tested this).

If you have only two folders selected, it will show both with expansion markers to the left (so you can show folder contents, but ONLY if you have selected only folders. Ctrl+click on a document at the same level, and those expansion markers go away). If you have selected folders and documents both on the same level, it will show just the folder itself.

If you want to see all your chapters, this is what I would do: collapse them each in the binder (EDIT: Collapse all is available in the binder from teh Main Menu, View, Outline, Collapse all or collapse all to current level). Activate the outliner pane. Select the Manuscript or Draft folder that holds them. This should show all your Chapters in the outliner pane. If you have any documents at that same level, they won’t be expandable (so you might create new folders at that level to put those in, in the right order (or leave them there, if you want)).

I believe (but am not entirely sure) that this is the way it’s intended to work.

I had a similar bug in RC7 where selecting a document in the left pane outliner opened the doc in the right pane, and editing it soon turned the left pane outliner into an unwanted Multiple Selection. Bug hasn’t recurred lately and I couldn’t reproduce it in the Tutorial.

RC7 - Text editing in right pane causes outliner expansion and Multiple Selection in left

Andrew could you clarify or show what you had in your right pane outliner when you began the Document > Duplicate ? You said it should be showing all your chapters, but how, if not by Multiple Selection? I agree with Jim and RW that if you had a prior Multiple Selection in the pane, it would not immediately display the newly duplicated document.

Rgds - Jerome

Appreciate the answers and attempts to help.

OK, I can confirm that the screen WAS showing Multiple Selections, and now it isn’t (it’s showing Manuscript). So it probably isn’t a bug.

But how did I get the Outliner to show ‘Multiple Selections’? I’ve tried and tried and can’t duplicate that. And more importantly if I accidentally manage to do it again how do I restore the Outliner to show the entire ‘Manuscript’?

I have to admit to having problems with understanding the Outliner, and having it finally set up to give me the information I use I have sometimes found it difficult to restore it to the layout I now work with if I accidentally hit the wrong button… And yes now I have the Layout saved it seems a little more robust than before, and seems to be allowing me to restore my workspace. But it remains (in my view) overly sensitive to me hitting the wrong icon and getting lost.

To restore the Manuscript view, you can select Manuscript in the Binder, with the addressed pane set to Outliner view. The pane will then be showing the subdocuments of special folder Manuscript. It should immediately reflect any documents you add via Documents > Duplicate or any other additions or renames in Manuscript if expanded to the matching branch.

That view is different from Multiple Selection, which implies that at one point in the session you selected a group of documents in the binder or the opposite pane. The Multiple Selection view lingers even if you then use the Binder to navigate in the other pane, and it remains in your pane history, so you can return to it with arrow keys. Unlike the subdocuments view described above, Multiple Selection won’t reflect real-time changes in the binder.

But if it happens that the outliner spontaneously changes from a subdoc view of Manuscript to a Multiple Selection without your having selected a set of documents, then you may be experiencing the bug I described in RC7.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks Jerome. It took 20 minutes in the manual to find out how to follow your instructions to set my Outliner as the Binders active window.

Navigate ▸ Binder Selection Affects
▸Right Editor Only menu toggle.

And then reset it back to the left editor only.

Appreciate the advice.

I might try to start a Scrivener support group in Perth, it would certainly help me. The problem for me is that after five years I finally got Scrivener to look and feel the way I want it, but it only takes one inadvertent slip of the finger and it looks like something else. And then trying to bring it back can take an hour or so which I’d prefer to spend writing.

Still this exercise has also taught me how to simultaneously change the ‘status’ of multiple documents - which I couldn’t work out how to do before - so not all wasted. :smiley:

Thanks to all.