Bug: Recovered File Blank

I’m currently running Windows Beta 64-bit.

I was writing in fullscreen mode when my computer froze. This has happened before (though not during this beta version), and though I lost a few words since the last autosave, at most I would lose a sentence or two, so I wasn’t all that worried while doing a hard reboot.

After the reboot, I opened my project and got a message to the effect of “some of your work was unexpectedly lost and will be in the ‘Recovered Files’ folder at the bottom of your binder.” Went and looked and “Recovered File-1” is blank. Searched back through my binder where the file had been before my PC crashed and the entire text is gone. I created that text file tonight (about five hours ago), renamed it, changed the icon, etc., and I had about 3,000 words of a new story down, and now it’s completely gone. The text I’d written today in that file’s parent is still there (which would have been written just before I’d made the new file), so I don’t understand why it’s just the text I was working on at the time of the crash that’s missing and why the autosave didn’t keep.

I know these things happen, but it’s still pretty devastating. I figured I’d report it in case it’s useful to someone else as well as hope someone may know where my text has gone.

Further details that may help: my project had been created in Scrivener 1.9 and converted to the Beta 3.0 (and the October 2019 version is not the first beta it’s been through). There’s no back up in my files (I suppose since it wasn’t technically closed?) and my autosave was set to automatic after 2 seconds of inactivity (of which there were many). The new text in my lost file’s parent, like I mentioned before, is still there, however another text file that I made a subfile elsewhere and changed the icon for is back to where it had been before today. Also, my projects are saved to my PC’s hard drive rather than a cloud.

Anyway, now I am sad and confused, and if anyone can help me recover my lost work, I’ll be super grateful.