Bug Report 3.1: Focus toolbar icon disabled in fullscreen mode

I love the new “Focus” feature, but I think I hit a bug. When you place the “Focus” button in the toolbar, you can use it to enable/disable the feature, and also change the mode (Line, Sentence, Paragraph). However, if you then put the application in MacOS Fullscreen Mode (not Composition Mode), the button no longer functions properly. It can still be clicked to enable/disable the feature, but the mode (Line, Sentence, Paragraph) cannot be changed (the options are greyed out). The mode can still be changed through the “View > Text Editing > Focus” menu, just not through the toolbar button.


Hey Jeff! Nice to see you around.

I can reproduce that on 10.14. Odd that it seems to be unaware of correct focus in the editor, since the Insert button, which would have the same text-view focus restraint, is working. Hopefully that means it is easy to fix as well. :slight_smile:

Bah, this is down to an annoying macOS bug - for some reason, toolbar items fail to find the focussed view in some circumstances (full screen being one of them). I have to work around this by adding the action to the main window and manually passing it on to the first responder for all tool bar items. I forgot to do that here - I’ve fixed it for 3.1.2. Thanks!

Awesome. Really love that feature, by the way. It’s brilliant.

Good talking to you again! I couldn’t resist playing with the new Dark Mode feature and themes, and stumbled across the “focus” thing.


I’m a little late, but I just installed 3.1.2. Saw this in the release notes:

  • Fixed bug whereby the text focus mode toolbar item would not work in full screen mode.

For what it is worth, this is still broken for me. When in fullscreen, I can turn focus mode on and off, but I cannot change which focus mode it uses (line, sentence, or paragraph).

Thanks, I’ve fixed this for 3.1.2. It’s such an annoying underlying macOS bug that always needs working around in the toolbar. Normally, a toolbar or toolbar menu should send its action to the “first responder”, which is the term for whichever view or editor has the focus. macOS full screen mode breaks this, though (which seems like a bug in macOS to me) and requires the workaround of sending the action to the main window controller and having that examine which editor or text area has the focus and redirecting the action there programmatically since it doesn’t work automatically as it should in this one situation.