Bug Report: Document jumps up and down while typing with ruler displayed

Hi everyone! I posted this on reddit and they suggested I post here. At least one other user was being driven crazy by the same bug. Here’s the behavior as experienced:

  • If you’re scrolled to the top of a document and type, the document scrolls slightly up and down with every space and new word.

How I debugged:

  • Tried other documents in the file, sometimes saw jumping, sometimes didn’t

The temporary solution:

  • I discovered the cause is the ruler bar at the top of the screen by opening the same document in a new window, causing the behavior to go away. The only different was that one tab / window didn’t have the ruler bar with tabs and indents displayed.
  • To make the behavior stop, go to “View” then “text editing” then “Hide ruler.”

Thanks! I also want to say I appreciate customer service for being nice to me and helpful in the past.

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I’m not sure about the problem, BUT I’ve seen this in other programs and WONDER whether the same issue can be at play here.

Try changing the height of the window so that we can be assured that it’s not switching modes (e.g. some make a scroll bar appear or disappear and when it’s close, it can keep switching between the two modes). If you make the window notably less tall, or notably taller, I wonder whether that will ALSO be a workaround. It may be a clue for the developers.

Either way, I’ll follow this to learn.

It would be helpful to know what version of macOS you’re running and what version of Scrivener so we can try and replicate this issue under the same conditions. I’m not seeing this in version 3.2.3 on Monterey.

I would also suggest resetting your preferences to see if that makes a difference: Resetting Preferences / macOS: Troubleshooting / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support